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the Bra Fit & Style Guide

Find your perfect fitting bra with this ultimate fitting guide

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the perfect Fit

There are two things every woman should expect from her bra: it should give her the support she needs and make her look (and feel) gorgeous. Use our bra fitting guide to ensure you’re getting the best bra for you - hover over each section of the bra to find out how.


Common fit problems

Our step-by-step bra fitting guide and clever solutions to common problems mean you can say goodbye to badly fitting bras forever!

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Finding perfect fit bras on the high street can be a little daunting. Our bra style guide explains everything from Full Cup bras to Minimiser bras so you can get the right fit. Plus, to suit you even more, our bras are available in a range of sizes going up to an L cup with back sizes ranging from 30 to 50.

T-shirt Bra




T-Shirt bras are also known as smooth or seam-free bras. T-Shirt bras are often padded but they can be unpadded. They are specially designed with a seamless surface for a ridge-free appearance under close-fitting tops.

Balcony Bra



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Balcony bras give a lower coverage than full cup bras and can add shape and uplift to the bust line. This style enables you towear a lower cut neckline and traditionally has wider set straps giving a wide square neckline.

Multiway Bra



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Depending on the bra, they can be adapted to be a halterneck, racer back or one-strap bra. A multiway bra is a useful addition to any woman’s underwear drawer. If you’ve got the support you need, a multiway bra may also be worn strapless.

Plunge Bra



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Whether padded or unpadded, the low coverage of a plunge bra allows you to expose a sexy cleavage. The low centre-front on a plunge bra makes it perfect to wear with low cut tops and dresses.

What's Your Style?

Non Wired Bra

Non Wired


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Non-wired bras provide support and comfort without the use of underwires. The shape this bra gives your bust is less defined than the shape an underwired bra gives. These bras are useful for lounging, sleeping and when pregnant.

Full Cup Bra

Full Cup


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A full cup bra covers the entire bust to give a great shape and support. A full cup bra is perfect for everyday wear and can offer comfort and support for larger cup sizes.

Sports Bra

Sports Bra


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Sports bras are designed to reduce breast movement during exercise. Wearing a sports bra also protects the ligaments that support the breast tissue. It is very important to wear the correct size to get the benefits and proper support a sports bra is designed to give.

minimiser bra



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A minimiser bra will redistribute the breast tissue giving the appearance of a reduced bust size yet will still be comfortable to wear. They are ideal to wear with fitted tops and button-up shirts if you find the fabric a little stretched or the buttons pull.

Why is it Important to Wear the Right Bra?

Too many women are wearing the wrong bra type or size, which can cause a range of problems. Bras should be comfortable and supportive rather than irritating. Having the perfect fit bra can relieve discomfort, improve your posture and prevent pinching. Taking the time to find the right bra for you will save you discomfort and even money in the long run. No more wasting money on ill-fitting bras! We’ve created a bra measuring guide to help you discover what bra you should be wearing and to highlight common tell-tale signs that your bra isn’t right for you.

Plus Size Bras at Fashion World

No woman should settle for a poor fit. Our collection of ladies’ plus size bras includes everything you need, from comfy t-shirt and sports bras to basques and corsets. We know it can be difficult to find gorgeous lingerie if you have a bigger bust, but not at Fashion World. Available in back widths up to 58 and cup sizes up to L, we have a bra to make every woman look and feel amazing.