Top Tips For A Wicked And Wonderful Halloween

Top Tips For A Wicked And Wonderful Halloween


Halloween is creeping up upon us – are you ready? It’s a night when we can let our imaginations run wild and have a spook-tacular night with friends and family. The more we embrace the theme, the more fun it’ll be as it’s complete escapism from everyday life. All worries about looking smart and sophisticated disappear out of the window – it’s the one night of the year when looking hideous is rewarded with respect.

When it comes to Halloween, more is more! Think ghosts, ghouls, bats and witches and that’s just to decorate the home. Fancy dress has never been so elaborate with a huge choice of frightfully fancy costumes that are so detailed they look like they belong on scary movie sets.

To ensure your Halloween night is ghoulishy fabulous, here’s a checklist of what to stock up on before the 31 October…



Decorating the home helps get the family in the Halloween spirit before anyone even gets dressed up. As you see your house transformed into a ghoulish scene, it gets everyone in the mood for a spooky and supernatural evening. You’ll need a long table for all your treats and props and you’ll want that table to be covered in case of spills. A black table cover screams Halloween – try the plastic oblong table cover. A piñata filled with sweets and treats provides the ultimate show-stopper, especially if it’s a pumpkin piñata. Fill it with a bag of treats like the Halloween favour 72 piece assortment which includes whistles, ghosts, lizards, pumpkins and more.

Now it’s time to think lighting as Halloween is a dark and dingy time. This means we need lots of candles. Scented candles can help us create atmosphere and Yankee Candles have come up with a special medium jar set for Halloween containing Witches Brew and Candy Corn candles that each provide up to 90 hours of burn time. The spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli casts a captivating Halloween spell for the candle Witches Brew, while Candy Corn is a familiar, sweet scent which is a fond reminder of Halloween fun and treats. Delicious!



Halloween without candy is a horrifying prospect, scarier than any ghosts or ghouls you might meet on the night. To ensure happiness levels stay high throughout your evening, stock up on chocolate and sweets. Remember that sweets are everywhere on Halloween so you only want bite-size servings. The Cadbury Treat Size Box contains 80 fun size Cadbury’s treats – the perfect size to snack on. Or the Retro favourites sweets jar contains all your childhood favourites including love hearts, refreshers, swizzel’s lollies, black jack and fruit salad chews and drumsticks lollies. A 700g jar will provide plenty of treats.

Also, another treat would be to consider your guests’ party faces. After eating and drinking, their gruesome face make-up might wear off. Have a set of Snazaroo ultimate party face paint by your snacks so they can top up when they need it. They’ll love you forever!



Gruesome potions that look terrifying are an essential part of Halloween night. After all, a night of trick or treating and screaming is thirsty work!  Since you’ve put a great deal of thought into outfits and decorations, don’t forget to plan drinks to go with the theme. That way, the drinks can be part of the decoration – what could be scarier than looking at a table full of blood coloured or murky cocktails waiting to be devoured?

Make injection syringe shots (above left) for the adults at the party using 25ml of Ciroc berry vodka and 20ml grenadine. Pour 100ml of Sprite into an old fashioned glass with an ice cube and a lemon slice. Inject the vodka shot from the syringe into the glass.

For younger party goers or those who are driving, serve up Dracula’s blood punch, This can be made in a batch and kept in a jug so people can help themselves…if they’re not too frightened. Simply put 2 litres of cherry juice, 3 cinnamon sticks, 6 slices of ginger and a dash of chilli into a large saucepan. Simmer for 5 minutes then turn off the heat and leave to cool then chill for at least 4 hours to intensify the flavours. When you’re ready to serve, leave out glasses with candy fangs on the side for that magical extra touch to keep with the fang-tastic theme.




We all know that little girls can be very demanding when it comes to fancy dress. They know what they want to achieve and they won’t be happy until they’ve got their look just right. But don’t worry, this year there are plenty of options to ensure the dressing up process goes smoothly and they’re delighted by what they see in the mirror.

Do you have a girly girl? The Halloween deluxe gothic prom queen is so elaborate and detailed, it has a princess style to it. It consists of a long dress with sheer sleeves and glitter print skirt with a prom queen sash and tiara. Then it’s up to you to use make-up to make it appear terrifying!  Is your girl normally quite sophisticated, opting for classic clothes rather than bold prints? The Halloween girls wicked witch costume is a classic. The black and green design gives it a subtle edge to make the wearer stand out slightly, just like one of the characters from the musical Wicked. Or if you have a wild child, the Devil Girl costume is really striking! She’ll love the attention she gets in this. For small ones, the Pumpkin fairy costume comes in two sizes for 1-2 year olds and for 3 – 4 year olds and will make her look so cute you’ll just want to eat her up.



Little boys have vivid imaginations and they step up an extra gear at Halloween time. Your boy will want to beat his classmates and friends with his choice of costume and this year there are several ways to help him do that. For example, the Halloween boys skeleton onesie costume is simple but effective – the black and white design means it will stand out in a crowd.

If your boy is going through a dinosaur phase, check out the Halloween boys deathly dinosaur costume. It looks so realistic and it will scare everyone with the teeth and blood. It’s so gorey. Talking of scary, the Halloween deluxe wolf warrior costume will strike fear into fellow party goers. It’s a little bit different from the norm but very cleverly designed. It really shows like your child has gone to an effort to dress up. For really little monsters, the Halloween bat costume is ideal. There are two sizes for 1-2 year olds and for 3 – 4 year olds so your small one can make a big impact.



There are few times of the year that men can indulge their inner big kids but Halloween is one of them. Sometimes they can be reluctant to dress up but when they do go for it, there are no half measures. Tempt them to embrace the theme with a humorous costume so they just can’t say no.

For example, the Halloween sinister clown piggy back is double the fun. It looks like a horrible clown has captured the costume wearer. Clowns can be terrifying at the best of times but this one has an extra sinister face. Have you seen the movie Gremlins? The Gremlins gizmo costume is so realistic it’s scary, even though Gizmo himself is kind of cute. Containing a printed tunic with attached hands, and Gizmo half mask, anyone wearing this to a party will be a magnet for kids as well as a talking point among adults. One that deserves an 18+ rating because it’s so gorey is the men’s zombie paramedic costume which includes a top, trousers, mask, hair net and gloves. As everyone expects paramedics to be goodies, the sight of an evil-looking paramedic is freaky.




This is the fun part! Now we’ve spent time thinking about how to do up the home and others, we can concentrate on ourselves. This year, there are more ways than ever to make sure that we look hot as well as horrifying.

For example, the Halloween ladies curves witch costume will enchant and bewitch the fellow party guests. The dress is such a gorgeous fit with its dramatic wide sleeves that you may want to wear it all year round. The zombie mermaid costume will strike fear into everyone that catches sight of us. With a top and fishtail skirt, it’s figure hugging and flattering but accessorise with some blue face and body paint and we’re guaranteed to be the centre of attention. Another eye-catching costumes and boo-tiful costume is the ladies skeleton tutu outfit, which will rattle some bones and shake some hearts at the party. With a dress, matching stockings and gloves, it’s a sensational way to make sure everyone notices us for all the right reasons.

Have a wicked Halloween!

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