Six Ways to Pamper Yourself

Six Ways to Pamper Yourself

You don’t have to go to an expensive spa to relax and pamper yourself. You can have the same luxurious sensory experience in your own home at a time to suit you and you don’t have share the experience with strangers. A long, luxurious soak in the tub instantly improves any mood, helping you to wind down, de-stress and feel like yourself again.

But when was the last time you took a leisurely bath? Very few of us make time for ourselves as often as we should. Here are six ways to make the most of the day and create a spa-like experience in your own bathroom. It will make you feel fabulous from head to toe and make you wonder why you didn’t do it ages ago!

  • Towels


When you wrap yourself in a warm, soft, thick towel, you feel like you’re in a cocoon and protected from the world. The difference between an over-used and over-washed towel and one that’s new and fluffy is a game changer. Updating your towels is the first step to transforming a basic bathroom into a spa-like oasis as they’re noticeable from the moment you walk in. Would you rather look at a limp, thin towel or a luxuriously thick towel?

Also, don’t be afraid to go for towels that have a pattern. The Arabesque bath towel has an elegant jacquard weave design available in gold, pastel blue or pastel pink and adds a touch of country class to a bathroom. Same for the towel set featuring a stag jacquard print on bath sheets, bath towels and hand towels. You don’t need to live in a stately home to make it feel like you’re in one when you gaze out from the bath. However, if you’d prefer something clean and simple, the Pima cotton luxury towel range comes in snowflake, pink and mint green – the towels are fluffy but fuss-free and they’d match any colour scheme.


  • Candles


Spas always smell fabulous and there’s no reason why we can’t make our bathrooms smell the same. We can light candles when the taps are running to make the room smell amazing before we even step into the bath. Our shoulders will drop when we come back in the room to take the bath as the smell will get us in the mood for some me-time and then the feeling will be intensified when we get in the tub and feel our muscles relax more.

Also, it’s lovely to look at a room of candles while you’re soaking. The soft lighting from the candles creates ambience and helps your brain and body to wind down. The Yankee candles fluffy towels large jar smells just like freshly laundered towels. You’ll feel squeaky clean before you’ve even stepped into the bath, helping you to mentally wash off the dirt and the stress of the day. Want something really spa-like that leaves your nose wanting more? The Wax Lyrical recharge glass candle does what it says on the tin, helping us to recharge and refresh. It contains a vibrant sparkling accord where bold citrus nuances of bergamot and lemon drift into accents of pink pepper and aldehydes. At the heart, gentle floral notes lead to a warm fond of tonka. However, if you’d prefer a more fruity scent to complement fruity bubble bath, the Woodwick island coconut heathwick smells like juicy pineapple blended with creamy coconut for the perfect tropical treat. What’s really special is that this candle has a natural wooden wick to create the soothing sounds of a crackling fire so you feel the relaxing benefits of a bath and a night curled up in front of the fire all at once. Bliss!


  • Bathroom Accessories


There’s nothing worse than jumping in the tub and realising that you can’t reach something you need like a book, a drink or a beauty product, so before you hop into the tub it’s a good idea to make sure that you have a clever accessory to help you store things within grasp. Simply adding this storage accessory will help you to relax when you’re in the bath as you can see all your treats and get excited about the pampering to come.

The Gecko stainless steel corner rack can be easily fitted into any room and used to store mugs of tea, glasses of wine and books as well as bath oils and soaps. It has suction cups with vacuum locks so that no screws are required! The modern chrome basket also helps to keep clean and organised. You could go through your house adding things to the basket and take it up to the bathroom to ensure you have everything you need for a lock-in. Alternatively, the premiere housewares shower caddy has tons of storage space over two shelves so you could use one for your magazines and one for your beauty products. It has a beautiful white floral design so it looks pretty and elegant and simply hooks over the taps. It’s also a clever idea to have opaque toothpaste holders and soap dispensers as this makes a bathroom look more streamlined. The white hotel bathroom accessories set will be pleasant to look at from your bathtub viewpoint and make any house guests feel like they’re in a luxury hotel or spa.


  • Bubbles and Scents


Now we get to the fun part! The products that you put into a bath stay on your skin much longer than shower products so you feel clean and ready for anything for longer. Every bathroom should contain a mix of smells so we can pick what we use on a certain day depending on our mood.

If we’re feeling girly and want a sweet smell, the Bomb Cosmetics pretty in pink bath bomb set contains everything we need to feel like a pampered princess including a Crazy Cupid soap slice, Flowers bath blaster, Fields of Joy bath blaster, Strawberry Mini Muffin and The High Life bath blaster. The Bomb Cosmetics candy land bath bomb set smells good enough to eat with festive candy scents like the Stocking Fizzer Bath Blaster, Ruby Vegas Soap Slice, Glitterballs Bath Creamer, Ginger Blaster, and the Candy Land Cocoa Swirl.

Some days when we’re feeling tired and low, a fresh, uplifting scent can make all the difference. The Grumpy Cow uplifting bath and body oil is perfect for those days when energy is at a low as its mandarin and grapefruit aroma helps to uplift the spirit and energise the body. The Elemis aching muscles super soak has a similar morale boosting property plus it helps to re-invigorate tired muscles after a physical or a demanding day.

Other times, we feel in need of a floral treat and that’s where the Body Shop British rose gift set comes in. It contains is body essence, bath foam, a mask and body butter, all infused with the scent of fresh British roses. You’ll love how it makes your skin smell and feel as all ingredients are eco-friendly and free from chemicals.


  • Treats


When you have a spa day, the bathing is only part of the treat. There are usually delicious drinks and food which add to the experience to make it truly decadent.  What’s stopping you from making the same for yourself at home? Be kind to yourself!

Tea and chocolate are two taste sensations that immediately make us feel happier and more relaxed as soon as they pass our lips. Combine the two with a Reeses ceramic mug with peanut butter cups for an indulgent bathtime treat. Not only is the mug large enough to fit in enough tea to last you in the bath, but it comes with a bag of peanut butter cup chocolates. Put one in your mouth and as it melts you’ll feel an unctuous, rich peanut butter kick. It’s chocolate to be savoured!

A glass of wine also helps us to switch off and we can add to the drinking experience by using a wine glass that looks special. After all you are special – you’re worth it. The Lolita range of glasses is all hand blown and hand painted, but one of the most beautiful designs is the Lolita heart of gold wine glass. Having a glass like that will make wine taste better as you’ll feel so good drinking out of it. Talking of special drinking vessels, the Sara Miller Piccadilly mug is made from fine china and we think tea always tastes different when it’s served in china. Carry it up to the bathroom on the Sara Miller large melamine tray, which could also transport a plate of biscuits and you could use it another time for breakfast in bed.

Another spa-like treat is a dressing gown and the style and grace spa botanique bathrobe gift set  contains body wash, a sisal sponge and a luxury bathrobe. Ok. It’s not taste related but it will leave you with the same large smile on your face that you’d get from consuming the other edible / drinkable treats.


  • Storage


It’s almost impossible to relax in a cluttered room so if you’re planning on enjoying lots of baths for weeks and months to come, you should consider the layout of your bathroom. Are you using the space optimally to store all your bath time essentials? Or do you need more cupboards so half-used bottles of toiletries can be hidden from view and make you feel like you’re in control of your space? It’s much easier on the eyes to look at one cupboard compared to several bottles of products.

If you have a modern bathroom, the Ravello corner mirrored tallboy fits into any corner. It has a sleek and ultra modern finish with an easy push-to-open mechanism offering plenty of storage space. Or the Ravello 2 door mirrored cabinet is also modern, but wider and shorter. It’s about the same height as a traditional bath so you could rest your wine glass on the top of it.

Alternatively, if your bathroom is a classic white colour, the Whitehaven under basin cupboard is designed to add an elegant touch to a bathroom, while providing a clever storage solution. This sturdy underbasin unit has two internal shelves, which are ideal for storing cleaning products and essentials out of sight and it fits around most sinks. For a more boho, shabby chic touch, the white split wood storage box drawer unit has a smart printed stripe lining to add relaxed style to your bathroom.


Are you ready to pamper yourself?



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