How To Get The Kids Ready For Back To School – A Checklist

How To Get The Kids Ready For Back To School – A Checklist

After a summer of fun and freedom, suddenly September rolls around bringing with it a new school year. While it creeps up on us quickly, going back to school is generally a positive thing for the whole family. Not only do the kids get to see all their friends again and challenge themselves mentally and physically, we get some spare time in the day and some much needed peace and quiet.

One of the best things about starting a new term in September is that it’s an opportunity for a fresh start. Motivation is high as last year’s slate is wiped clean and our kids can set new goals academically and socially. We can help them with this by ensuring they feel prepared to start the year in style.

To put a smile on everyone’s faces and make the school run a breeze, it’s best to plan in advance to make sure the new season kit is ready. Here’s a checklist of what to include:




School Uniform

When we look good, we feel good and the same is true of our kids. When they feel smart, they hold their heads up a little bit higher and feel proud to go into school. As they grow so quickly, it’s important to replace uniform regularly.

For both boys and girls, the key things are shirts / blouses and trousers plus girls also have skirts and pinafores to play with. Make sure the material is durable as your kids are guaranteed to run around and get dirty so the uniform will get washed a lot. That’s why it’s best to buy uniform in sets of two so that there’s one item to wash while the other is getting worn.

For girls, the girls pack of 2 long sleeve blouses is an Autumn essential now that short sleeve weather is over. These go equally well with the girls pack of 2 trousers, (available in black or grey) as they do with the girls pack of 2 pinafores and the girls pack of 2 ponti skirts in grey.

For boys, the boys pack of 2 trousers are available in black or grey and go with the Unisex jumper, which you can get in black, grey and blue.


Kids Coats

September is the best time to buy a Winter Coat so that the kids will be able to use it from September until the weather warms up again, which could be as late as May. The coat is a vital piece of kit as the kids will be using it every single morning break and lunch break and we want to ensure they’re as warm and cosy as possible in the cold British weather.

For girls, there are some gorgeous new styles that are warm and practical without compromising on fashion. For example, the KD Girls hooded winter coat (top left) is a gorgeous light blue / pale grey colour so they’ll feel stylish as well as warm. It has extra-thick wadding to keep out the chill and a deep hood with fluffy borg lining for extra warmth. Alternatively, the KD Girls hooded bomber coat (bottom left) is an on-trend khaki colour and the bomber shape is so fashionable this season.

The KD Boys hooded winter coat is a traditional navy colour with modern touches like the padded quilted panels and the fur lined hood. It’s like wearing a duvet, which may appeal if your little one has trouble getting out of bed. If your boy is particularly active, the Jack Wolfskin Boys Iceland 3 in 1 coat is very clever as it adapts depending on the weather and activity levels. While the proven Texapore fabric on the outer jacket keeps out rain, snow and wind, even when your kids are out and about in persistent rain, the fabric’s great breathability keeps them feeling pleasantly dry inside the jacket, even when they’re really active. It’s actually two coats in one – the inner jacket comes in Nanuk fleece and provides reliable insulation for adventures in the snow and you insert that into the everyday outer jacket with a smart zip that can be separated quickly. Looking for something to add a bit of character over a bland school uniform? The Jack Wolfskin Boys coastal wave jacket is full of personality and 100% windproof, water repellent and breathable.



Kids Shoes

Shopping for school shoes can be a real battle as they need to be comfortable and wearable while satisfying little fashionistas. Thankfully, it should be a lot easier this season thanks to a top new selection of flat shoes and boots that will allow our kids to run around to the heart’s content and please them when they look in the mirror.

For girls, the Eve flower detail bar shoes are elegant and chic and the flower detail is a lovely feminine touch – they’re very pretty shoes. The Poppy Mary Jane buckle shoes are more sturdy but still smart and stylish and any child would feel special in shoes like this.

For boys, the Kickers Fragma shoes are a classic. Kickers have been making school shoes for years and you can guarantee durability, which is especially important if your boy is likely to be kicking a football around during his breaks. If he’s interested in fashion and wants to copy daddy, try the KD boys Harvey Chelsea boots – Autumn / Winter is the best time for boots as they’ll keep the cold out.



School Run Outfits

It’s not just the kids that could do with a boost at this time of year. We do the majority of the school runs so we need new gear too. After all, it’s easier to get out of bed and then get everyone else up and out of the house when we have something lovely to put on.

As time is scarce in the mornings, look for clothes that are easy to slip on but still leave you feeling fabulous. A new set of sportswear or leisurewear can do just that and you don’t need to be a gym addict to look great in it.

For bottoms, the Nike rally pants are a gorgeous soft grey colour with a cute pink Nike swish on the side. The cuffed bottom is very flattering showing off our legs at the slimmest point. If you’d prefer a low key look that doesn’t obviously look like sportswear but could be worn to run or walk around in, check out the black  performance 3/4 length leggings.

On your top half, the Vena sweat top has a clever fabric that will keep you cool no matter how busy your day is but it’s much more fashionable that it is functional. The dipped back hem makes this sweatshirt perfect to wear with leggings as well as jogging bottoms. The value performance vest is a simple design in a flattering shape with its long length to ensure that nothing rides up as you’re moving around. The shape ensures that it could be worn with a variety of bottoms so you’ll get a lot of wear out of it. Finish with a pair of trainers that look just as good on the street as they do in the gym -the Adidas CF Qtflex women’s trainers are perfect as the black colour means they’re understated and black is always in fashion. These not only have a pretty coral detail to make them more visually appealing, they have foot-hugging cloud foam technology for all-day comfort. Win, win!



A backpack is an affordable way to get the kids ready for a new school year and it’s something you can buy in advance to get the kids excited about wearing it. Backpacks date very quickly, particularly if they’re emblazoned with an image of your child’s favourite cartoon character or action hero. What they enjoyed watching last year will feel babyish this year and so you need to make sure their new backpack reflects their new interests.

For the youngsters, the My Little Pony rainbow blush character backpack is cute, cuddly and a playful way to make going to school more enjoyable. Also, the Peppa Pig reversible back pack is a lot of fun and allows the tinies to make a choice from a young age about what side they want to wear.

As they get slightly older, there are a great selection of backpacks featuring comic book heroes and movie stars. One of the most useful is the Star Wars stormtrooper backpack with detachable lunch bag, making it harder to lose the lunch bag – an added bonus. For teenagers, the Ralph Lauren Girls Campus Backpack is a design classic and will make your girl feel very grown up. The Converse boys core backpack is very on-trend, particularly if your boy likes the skater look.




After getting a backpack, you need to get something to go inside it. While you don’t need to replace pens and crayons every single year, there’s something about having new stationery that makes everyone feel more prepared. If the stationery can feature images of your little one’s favourite toy or cartoon character then it will make the learning environment more fun as well.

If your child is looking for a new pencil case, the Paw Patrol Skye soft art case is super cute and something fun for our kids to look at when they’re working hard. Now you’ll need some pens to go inside and one way of filling it and rationing out new stationery all year is to get a set like the Crayola big stationery and paper bundle that is packed with goodies, including superior quality white drawing paper, 6 Glitter Gel Pens, 8 Marker Stampers, 24 Special Twistable Crayons for adding Neon, Rainbow or Bright colouring to their works of art and 12 Super Tips markers. One set could give new pens and crayons to a whole family.

Have a budding Picasso in your family? Little girls would love the My Little Pony 52 piece art case and any sci-fi fan would appreciate the Star Wars 52 piece art set.



IT and Computer based learning is a huge part of the curriculum these days and it starts from an early age. Kids of all school years need access to a computer and the newer it is, the quicker it works meaning that homework will be cleared away faster. Having access to a new gadget could also persuade a reluctant worker to do more because they’ll be using something shiny and impressive.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to have something powerful as the Cello 11.8 Windows tablet and keyboard is a great value way to access the internet and make office documents at home or on the go (as it weighs less than 1kg). A quad core processor, 4GB of Ram, 32GB. Flash, USB 3.0 , Bluetooth 4.0 and WIFI offer a host of connectivity options and you can use it as a touch screen or with the keyboard, depending on what you need to do. For a mid-range option, the Lenovo 15’ laptop bundle features a Windows 10 operating system, plus Epson wireless all in one printer, a laptop bag  and a mouse. It contains everything a child would need for homework and it’s a super quick machine. An Apple Macbook with 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage may be a pricier option but the price is justified by how long it will last you and your family.


Hopefully this makes you feel more prepared? If you feel confident, that attitude will rub off on your kids. Good luck!

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