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Fashion World is designed to help you get the most from your fashion and your figure. Follow our easy style fashion tips and body shape fashion advice to look and feel fabulous whatever the occasion! So whether you need body shape fashion advice, clothes and fashion tips or just some handy style pointers then Fashion World is the perfect place.

We've everything from figure fixing jeans and waist cinching belts to outfits that are perfect for every shape, size and height.

Get great style fashion tips, clothes and fashiont tips and body shape fashion advice

Body Shape Fashion Advice
Shape Advice & Waist Cinching

Tips for hourglasses, apples, strawberries, pears & rectangles

we have great tips for every shape, from empire lines for apples to waist cinching for hourglasses. Pears should choose light colours on the top and dark trousers to disguise bigger hips. V necks will slim any body shape and draw the eye down. Strawberries body shapes should steer clear of shoulder pads and fussy tops as they'll make you appear wider. Instead try flared skirts and wide leg trousers that will give you more of an hourglass appearance.

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Style Fashion Tips
Women's high heels

How To Look Taller

If you want to look taller there are a whole host of tips to help you go from pint sized to walking tall! High heels are a quick fix way to look taller, as the heel not only adds height but also improves your posture. Layering is also a great way to look slimmer, by creating long layers (particularly with v-neck tops and wrap cardigans) you can make your torso appear longer and leaner. Also, buying trousers in the correct length and getting bootcut styles will help to elongate your legs.

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Waist Cinching Belt Style Fashion tips
Waist Cinchers & Quick Tips

Quick Style Fashion Tips

If you're in a hurry but want some quick figure fixing tips then turn to Fashion World. Our range of waist cinching belts couldn't be better for accentuating an hourglass figure or adding curves to a rectangle. If you're an apple shape then a well placed pair of control pants can help you get the slimmer waist you desire. While control shorts and stripes could well be a pear's best friends; a top with horizontal stripes can help balance your torso. For strawberries a low slung hip belt will give a focal point away from your chest and shoulders!

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Clothes and Fashion tips
Get your perfect trousers & jeans

Find figure fixing jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a great way to feel good about your body, the right pair of jeans can make you look slimmer, taller and work as a fantastic back up plan on days when you're not feeling your best! Bootcut jeans suit every body type as the subtle flare is just enough to add balance to any shape. Wide leg styles work for strawberries, apples and pears whilst skinny jean look great on rectangles! Choose a pair of jeans with a higher waistline if you're worried about muffin tops and go for an elasticated waist if they sometimes dig in!

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Clothes and fashion tips from Fashion World

Dress to impress with style Fashion Tips from Fashion World. Whatever your age, shape, height, size or style you'll love our collection of women's clothing. Find gorgeous looks to suit your shape with ideas from celebrity stylist Joy Wilson, and find your perfect fit with our range of long and short lengths.

You'll even find that we offer a big size range from a 12 - 34 so no matter what your size you'll find fab styles that were made to suit you!

Plus if you struggle to find shoes and boots that fit well you'll love our collection of wide fitting shoes and calf fitting boots. We offer gorgeous footwear in widths up to EEE and in wide calf widths so all you need to decide on is which pair you love the most!

Accesorising style fashion tips

Any outfit can be given a new lease of life with the right accessories, plus they can help you make the most of your shape. Here at Fashion World we like to give you plenty of quick tips on how to get gorgeous figure fixing looks.

From hourglass shapes cinching in with a wide waist belt to strawberries balancing out that bust with a low slung hip belt you'll find our fab ideas are perfect clothes and fashion tips to get you looking fantastic!

If you're not sure what shape you are then visit body shape fashion advice for a quick body shape quiz and more information on dressing for your body shape, but don't forget you can have features from any shape - it's all about finding your own style!

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